Kick start the morning: super easy every day smoothie

In the search of a perfect breakfast

We have created a lovely breakfast routine at home: smoothies. Every single morning we’re sitting down and enjoying smoothies together (excluding the pancake sundays – then we’re obviously eating pancakes). I have never been much of a breafast person and quite frankly I am not feeling hungry at all in the mornings (except on Pancake sundays). Though, if you don’t eat in the morning, what most likely to happen is, that you get, as I call it a „brunch hunger“; you know the feeling, when you’re looking at the clock and it’s barely eleven o’clock, and you feel like fainting of hunger, and the lunchtime seems like very, very far away. Realizing the fact that I’m not able to enjoy a lovely brunch every day at work assuming it would be frowned upon, I figured I must surrender myself to breakfast habits in a one way or another.

I tried different kinds of chia-porridges, but quite frankly didn’t get into the taste of them. Just not my cup of tea. Breakfast sandwich person I am not at all – except for some occasional, odd craving for a toast bread with cheddar (don’t judge, everyone has their weird cravings). Porridges and oat meals are generally quite heavy – especially for someone, who’s not hungry. Then something wonderful happened – I finally found a thing! It’s a combination of different smoothie recipes I’ve found over the internet. The taste and the easiness of this recipe made it become a part of my every day routines and you drink it down without even realizing you’re having breakfast.

How to avoid hidden sugar?

With smoothies the only tricky thing is to avoid all sugary ingredients. Have you ever realized how much sugar they add for example in flavoured yoghurts, yoghurt drinks, or for that matter any pre-flavoured products? It’s insane. Even though it would be marketed as some healthy milk free-product, for example a soy youghurt, it might have up to 10 grams of sugar in 100g. For this specific reason I chose Skyr (the islandig youghurt product) or quark to my smoothies, since they contain a nice amount of protein yet very little sugar.

It is still good to know, that even Skyr has 4 grams of sugar in 100g, so meaning 1 teaspoon of sugar per full portion. In my smoothie it’s maybe quarter of a teaspoon per portion. Daily recommendation for women is approximately 4 teaspoons of sugar a day. I also add honey in my smoothies. Many have the image, that honey is not as unhealthy as white sugar, since it’s a natural product, but afterall it is sugar as well. Therefore I’m as well quite careful with adding too much honey, because you might accidentally end up chugging down a quarter of you daily sugar already at breakfast.

Finding the perfect combination

So, back to the recipe itself. I think for someone, who wants to start a smoothie-routine, it’s important to have kind of an easy basis recipe, so that you’ll always find the ingredients in the fridge. Having different complex combos, you’ll just end up throwing stuff  away and perhaps even give up on the idea of smoothies, when it’s too time consuming and expensive. The basis of my smoothie consists of 5 ingredients, but all of them are somewhat „basic“ and easy to find in any supermarket. The basis stays  everytime the same and with varying the additional ingredients you can pimp up your smoothie as you wish. My favourite is passion fruit. What’s yours?


Basis (makes one large, or two smaller glasses):

2 dl Alpro Coconut milk / Almond milk (non-sugared)  ♥  for calsium, vitamin-B,D,E

2 tbsp Skyr or quark  ♥  for protein, vitamin-D, calcium

1-2 tbsp oat flakes  ♥  for fibers

1 Banana ♥  for vitamin-C, energy (tip: for a thicker smoothie, freeze the banana over night)

½ – 1 tsp Honey  ♥  for natural sweetening




passion fruit



Cantaloupe melon

… or anything else


So, you’ve got yourself a smoothie and an awesome start for the day. Enjoy!

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