Paddlesurfing in wintery Germany and a holiday count down

As our trip to Nicaragua is coming up soon, we wanted to try out once more our new stand up paddle boards, which we are going to bring with us to our trip. The weather in Germany has become a bit chilly lately, but a week ago the weather turned out so beautiful, that we didn’t let little cold stop us. Stuttgart is not exactly ideal for our recently discovered hobby; for bigger waters you have to drive all the way to the lake of constance, which is over two hour drive. We did however find a bit smaller lake, Breitenauer See, which turned out be just enough to enjoy a little one hour paddle around the lake!

Eventhough the water temperature was not that dramatically cold, it was exciting to step into it and trust, that the wetsuit will keep you warm. Luckily it did, and only places getting cold were hands and the face because of the cold wind and the temperature of -1 celcius. As long as we kept on moving, it was perfectly fine and not at all too cold. Very delightful to realize, that we don’t have to have a half a year break of paddle surfing, but instead can carry it out regardless of the weather also during winter period.

It’s not only about the exercise – don’t forget to also enjoy the views šŸ™‚

Getting some exercise and enjoy paddeling were the main goals of our chilly adventure, but as well getting some distance and enjoying the silence. Sometimes it’s just not enough to go to a hectic gym to turn your brain off and get away from the tiring and sometimes annoying Stuttgart athmosphere and traffic. That’s why it was almost like therapie to paddle at the lake in peace hearing no cars nor people – a real nature therapie experience! Even though I felt physically exhausted, I was aswell somehow filled with energy and felt rebooted.

This year I’ve spent most of my holidays visiting my family in Finland, and quite frankly those holidays can be nothing but relaxing running from relative to another, and figuring out how to even fit all the topics in pre-scheduled two hours with a friend you haven’t met for few months. Perhaps because of this lack of relaxing holidays combined with the winter blues and general stress about work and life, it’s been hard to get out of bed lately and somehow that snooze button has become attemping.

So how to survive these couple of more week before holidays? Here’s my strategy:

  • I’m not going to force myself into anything, for example gym, if I don’t feel like it
  • Absolutely no food guilt allowed
  • Wear warm and comfy clothes!
  • Go early to bed and don’t feel guilty about doing nothing special after work

We can do it!

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