The Veggie Club Sandwich with special aioli

Cooking is a part of my everyday routines and I love to try out new things in the kitchen, but posting a recipe in public makes me really insecure. Everyone has their own taste in food – the dislikes and standards. As the main idea of my blog is to bring a bit of color to the sometimes oh-so grey world, I figured this recipe could maybe put a smile on someone’s face; someone, who had a bad day and wants to treat himself with something delicious, comforting and yet easy.

As the weather is getting chillier and evenings darker, I find myself from time to time lacking energy. The emotional eater as I am, I like to cling on to some comfort food, when I’m feeling blue. One of my favourite homemade goodies, is the good ol’ classic club sandwich. As I generally aim to eat healthier, I allow myself from time to time to relax a bit and enjoy food without guilt.

I’ve been a vegetarian for few months now, so I’m still in the learning curve, but I think I’m starting to get better at figuring out replacements for the classics. Normally the club sandwich is served with chicken and bacon, but I used fried egg in this recipe. Even my boyfriend said, quote: “This tastes at least as good as the one with chicken and bacon”! I also made an aioli with a twist. This aioli is so delicious, that you want to try it also as a dip for vegetable sticks, or just to go with some homemade hamburgers. Regardless of naming this dish “comfort food”, excluding the mayonnaise-based aioli, this sandwich is actually not that unhealthy at all and definitely fills your tummy right up.

Plywood tray: Marimekko (similar here)

This recipe makes either 2 large, or 4 smaller sandwiches, depending on what sized toast bread you’re using. 


❥ whole wheat toast bread (3 per sandwich)

❥ 1/2 red onion

❥ cheddar (one slice per sandwich)

❥ avocado

❥ 2 tomatoes

❥ lettuce

❥ pickles

❥ fried eggs (1 per sandwich)

❥ ketchup


❥ 1/2 garlic clove

❥ 1 tbsp fresh coriander

❥ 3 tbsp mayonnaise

❥ dash of salt and sugar

❥ 1/2 lime


1. Start by preparing the aioli: chop the fresh coriander fine, grade the garlic fine and squeeze the juice of the lime. Mix all the ingredients of the aioli in a small bowl.

2. Next thing to do is to prepare the vegetables: cut onion into rings, chop tomato into thin slices, carve avocado and slice it thin, wash and tear the lettuce. Cut pickles smaller if needed.

3. Now that you have everything prepared, you can start frying the eggs. When the egg hits the pan, start toasting the bottom toast bread. Add cheddar, avocado, tomato and lettuce on the bread. Pour some aioli on top of the lettuce.

4. Toast the 2nd bread and add the fried egg, some ketchup, pickles and onions to it.

5. Toast the top bread and finish the tower.

6. Grab some napkins, because it’s gonna get messy, and enjoy! ❥

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