Are there songs you wouldn’t admit listening to?

“One loooove, for the hiphop beats, one looove, for the city streets…”, sang the British boy band Blue once. It’s one of my all time favourite songs and I still jam it loud in my headphones while writing a report at work, or vacuum cleaning the apartment. My playlist is some what colorful and mostly consists of less popular/outdated pop music and ABBA (ABBA is never outdated, by the way). Oh, and it doesn’t end there. Wait for it. I listen to my music with a MP3-Player! Not even an iPod, not with phone – an actual MP3-player, that everyone used approximately fifteen years ago. Jeez, could I be more embarrassing??

As a kid I loved Ricky Martin a lot, and I still remember the grownups making fun of me because of that. I also liked classical music so much, that my friend’s father made a mix tape for me of the most famous classical music pieces. Listening to classical music at my  current age would totally have a positive influence on my image and would make me seem intelligent, but back then it was not something to brag about or discuss in your friend circle.

We go to nostalgic 90’s parties and sing-a-long with Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears, but if you’d actually enjoy those songs and listened to them with your headphones, you’d seem weird. As a user of public transportation you might know the situations, when someone is sitting next to you and listening to the music so loud, that you can’t help but overhearing it through their headphones. Then you think to yourself, who listens to that kind of crap.

Music is actually very personal thing, almost like a diary; Your playlist can be a collection of pieces, that put you in a certain mood and tell a story from your past. It’s a shame, that even taste in music is something, where people can judge you. So, do you have songs, that you wouldn’t admit listening to?

Remember this scene from the movie Begin Again? Would be such an interesting idea for a first date!

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