There can be a party without a drink (?)

I have never considered myself as much of a drinker, since my hangovers are extreme and kind of kill the joy of the whole thing. Anyhow, since I’m in the middle of this self-reinvention and learning to really enjoy things, I have come to think a lot about alcohol consumption: does being drunk really make the evening more fun? Is it really worth it to lose a whole Sunday for lying in bed, or in worst case on the bathroom floor, or should I just cut myself some slack?

The first time I was in Wasen (the local beer festival in Stuttgart) my eyes were all glowy, when the waiter carried this half a liter pint of white wine to me. I mean, that was almost a bottle of wine in one glass! We sang jolly German drinking songs and hit our glasses together as a sign of having fun and being excited. I woke up the following morning at 7 am and spent the rest of the day head in the toilet. The fun of the last night felt like a distant memory, and the only remaining prove of it were the photos, where we were all posing with our open-cleavage dresses and smiling the pints in our hands.

I want to be the best version of myself and respect myself and my body. There are just some occasions, where being tipsy is kind of suitable for the athmosphere. The problem is that my stop-button is sometimes dysfunctional, which leads to very unfortunate next day circumstances. Drinking a lot, even though being very aware of the consequences, is I guess comparable to eating something you’re allergic to – and that doesn’t say much about self-respect.

So what now? Should I stop and refuse to drink completely, or is there some kind of a golden middle way? Recently I met with one of my friends with whom I hadn’t had alone time for a while, so we decided to go to have an after-work drink on a sunny Thursday evening. We had a small glass of cider each. Cider is something very common to drink in Finland and somehow very difficult to find here in Stuttgart. So when you get that glass of Strongbow like once a month, and drink it to enjoy the taste and not with a goal of getting drunk, would that be then the golden middle way? Is having a glass of wine with your dinner okay? And what if you drink that glass to shake of the stress after a hard day at work?

I’ve also tried not to drink in social events, just for not having a feeling for it. Somehow there are always at least one person, who sees it socially rude not to get drunk with others. Even if I don’t drink because I’m the driver, people are pressuring to stay there overnight, or to have at least one beer. It’s not exactly a blast at the end of the night to be the only sober one, but I’ve never judged, if others are drunk, nor sat alone in the corner the whole evening. I do understand people don’t say it to be rude. They just want everyone to have fun and make sure nothing can ruin the athmosphere, and a sober person is seen as a threat to that. I must say though, I’m happy I’m in my late 20’s, because as a teenager the pressure to drink was crazy…

In general I don’t have a problem with alchohol and I’ve never been in trouble because of it, but perhaps an evaluation of knowing, when to stop would be in order to avoid the grimm Sundays. After all, time is such a valuable thing, and after having fun I want to have a positive memory of the evening.



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