The unfiltered smile

“Squirrel!”, called a boy me once. It happened maybe fifteen years ago, but still remember the place and that boy’s pimply face. After that, and many other moments, when I was ashamed of my big front teeth, I stopped smiling freely; I tried to make sure my teeth were not showing. This was until I met someone at 2013, who told me, how he loves my genuine, unfiltered smile. From that moment on I felt more confident, but the insecure feeling was still in the back of my head. That feeling made me sad, when I looked at some photos of me. That feeling made me compare myself with other people. The baggage of the past can be really difficult to leave behind, I’ve grown to learn.

Last year I bumped into this blog post from One Step 4Ward, where Johnny was introducing his experience with the Invisalign-treatment – a transparent way of correcting your teeth. Before that I hadn’t even heard about the whole thing. After some research and thinking it through, I decided to go for it, once my money situation would allow it. I’m so happy I found that blog post, and maybe someone will find now mine!

It’s been a month now and I’m still getting used to it. It’s not exactly 100% invisible – especially if you have a big smile like I do, but many people don’t notice it at all. Besides that, it only has pros, for example being painfree and uncomplicated treatment. Basically you need to take it off before you eat, and after eating brush/floss teeth, clean the aligner and you’re back in the game. I have really tested the limits of social behaviour by brushing my teeth at parties and restaurant bathrooms — but I guess it’s another way to boost my confidence and stop caring so much about other people’s opinions. Eventually all these small cons of this whole treatment don’t really matter, when you have the goal in mind: beautiful, free smile and confidence!

It maybe is a big investment just to “look better”, but I’m sure it will be worth it. I will finally be able to smile fully free without being so concience about it. Though the main thing, what I’ve learnt about this experience is, that you should surround yourself with people, who make you feel beautiful – that works better than any kind of braces or other beauty treatments! <3

If it’s really something that’s bothering you, you should definitely go for it! Life’s too short to hold back your smile.

 Info about the Invisalign:

– You’ll start with consultancy and create a model of your teeth

– Based on the consultancy they will make a treatment plan for you – lasting an average of one year

–  Once you get your aligners, you’ll meet with your doctor every 40 days. Meaning, you will independently change your alinger into a new one every ten days

– You should’nt eat while wearing the aligners. It’s also recommended you drink only water when wearing them.


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