Paddle your troubles away

In June I fell in love. I fell in love with the waves and the board. I fell in love with keeping the balance and loosing it. Oh, stand up paddle surfing, where have you been all my life? I tried it the first time this year in Valencia. We took some private lessons to really know, what we were doing, and paddled happily two days. The holiday ended fast and unfortunately we faced the hard reality of Stuttgart lacking good places to continue our new hobby. We went to Tübingen for a few times to paddle along the Neckar river. The route has beautiful views, and renting boards there is relatively effortless, but the fact that there are absolutely no waves, makes it also very boring.

Yesterday we drove down to the Lake Constance (Bodensee), which is around 1,5 hours drive from Stuttgart. There we could rent the boards from SUP Venture . It was a very windy day and the waves made the paddling a bit more challenging; I feel like I really was able to develop my skills and practice on my pivot-turns. I got so excited, and now I just can’t wait, when the next time will come! Stuttgart may not be the most optimal place to have SUP as hobby, but at least there are plenty of interesting places to reach within a couple of hours of driving. Perhaps the next paddle-trip will take place in Como or something… 🙂

So what is stand up paddle surfing (SUP) actually? You might hear some negative comments, like “what’s the point, it’s just standing on a board an waving your paddle”. SUP can be a lot more, if you decide so. SUP has many forms, of which recreational and sighseeing are probably the most popular ones. Other ways of practising stand up paddle surfing are for example: fitness, racing, surfing on waves and SUP-Yoga (SUP-Yoga is definitely on my bucket list!). SUP is originated from Hawaii, and last years became popular all over the world.

TIP! If you haven’t tried stand up paddeling yet, I suggest to take a small beginner course: it is extremely helpful to know, how  you could optimize your position and paddle better. You’ll get a lot more out of it, when you know what you’re doing. It’s also safer, when you’re able to react when a jetski or a boat drives by.

I also gave a test run for my new swimwear from Hallaxhalla – easily the best swimsuit I’ve ever tried! The cut is really flattering for the body, and it’s very functional as well: it’s very supportive and I didn’t have to pull it up at any point. They have plenty of different styles, and it was difficult to pick one. They are also all reversible – meaning you basically get two for one.

Perhaps the best part of this product is though, that it’s produced out of recycled plastic gathered from the sea! The products seem also to be very long-lasting. So if you’re planning on investing in some new swimwear, check this company out – their ideology is just great!

P.S. The delivery abroad also works out well! Took 4 days from the order-date until it found my mail box in Germany!







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