Good morning world!

When you hear the world waking up: the people on their way to work being there in time or even early to finish up some unfinished tasks, when you inhale the humid air after opening the window and it smells like rain, when you hear the neighbor taking a shower through the thin walls, when you smell the fresh bread from the next-door bakery – why wouldn’t you wake up with the world too?

I used to be a big fan of that snooze button on my phone. I have this alarm tone called “the sea breeze” and it sounds a bit like some massage-session background music. First it starts gently with sounds of the ocean: waves hitting the coast, some seagulls flying around, and then comes the pan flute to slowly wake you up from your blizzful sleep. Then you hit snooze to wake up two or three more times to that sound, which gets annoying after every time – it makes you wanna shoot that damn seagull. Then after the third snooze I get up, because I simply have to. The next 30 minutes are a chaos of putting mascara on while eating breakfast and quickly choosing an outfit you later regret wearing. Eventually you have to run to catch your train and your mascara is all over your face and the shirt you quicly picked up has now sweat stains.

Can I change this, and feel good and energized in the  mornings? Can I have that feeling “I just can’t wait to get up” every morning? I’m in the process of trying. I stopped using snooze and I get up every morning early enough to have almost an hour of peace. I pick clothes to wear already the evening before and check the weather if I should bring an umbrella. I noticed the effects of sipping my tea, preparing a healthy, fresh breakfast and taking my time in the mornings: I look better and I have energy way longer through out the day. I wish I could tone down the latenight tv-watching a bit – then I would almost be like a guru of some kind. Though that won’t be happening.

Let’s have a great week 😉



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