Make holiday at home

Trying out new dishes has become one of my highlights when travelling or spending an evening at home. I’ve been experimenting new recipes on a monthly basis. One day I realized, why not make it a part of every week? Why think of it as something you do only on “special occasions”? So now that I’m kind of in this experimental-self-searching-redefining mode anyway, I decided that each and every week I will cook at least one dish, that I’ve never tried before. This way I get to explore new tastes, bring a bit excitement to those tired after-work evenings and develop my cooking skills. Besides, it’s like making small taste-trips to around the world every week!

About the practical execution… I have to admit that the experiment has required some time and careful planning. During a busy week at work, I find it very unappealing to browse cookbooks after a long day at the office and then head to a crowded grocery store. That is why I aim to do it always on Saturday mornings, when I can enjoy my big cup of morning tea and sit on the living room floor going through recipes and writing down a shopping list. Sometimes I spend even a whole hour planning the dishes for the following week. It sounds a bit long, but definitely worth it.

As of recently I realized that doing groceries this way does not only make me try new things and spice up the week, but actually SAVES me time and money. If I spend that hour carefully planning what to eat, and buy most of the ingredients on one visit to the store, I avoid impulsive purchases if sticking to the list, and I don’t have to queue in that line at the store for more than once a week. Another plus is that I’ve started to eat healthier, when I’m less likely to fall for fast food.

Simple change in routines, big change in life!

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