Bikini season here I come! (and I’ve got cake)

I’m sure I’m not alone here, when I say, I couldn’t live without bakeries, chocolate and other treats. They’re my salvation when I’m down and my prize when I’m having a good day. But as the growing fear of the becoming bikini season is upon us, I’ve been trying to find a solution to reduce eating all that junk. “Eat more fruit”, they say… Now how does a banana replace a chocolate bar?

After careful thinking, I’ve come up with a solution: instead of buying unhealthy treats, I’ve decided to bake them myself! Now hear me out. I made a comparison between chocolate muffin recipe, a chocolate bar (Lindt Hello Cookies & Cream) and an old fashioned hazelnut cake recipe. So a heavy home baked treat vs. purchased chocolate vs. a bit lighter home baked treat. I calculated the calories, fat and sugar for all of the three treats and compared them.


I’m comparing one large muffin, 100g (approx. ten pieces) of chocolate and a large piece of cake. For both of the recipes I calculated the values of all of the ingredients except for baking powder (didn’t figure that one out), meaning the results should be fairly accurate. Though I didn’t find information on how the values change after actually baking the stuff in the oven (?)

So here are the results:

Sugar Fat Calories
Chocolate bar 46 g 36 g 567 kcal
Chocolate muffin 19,9 g 11,7 g 270 kcal
Hazelnut cake 12,4 g 11,8 g 127 kcal

The table speaks for itself, the difference is big especially between the chocolate bar and the hazelnut cake. Conclusions: bake it yourself if you have a sweet tooth and you’ll have a treat with less calories, sugar and fat! You’ll also get a great reason to invite friends over for some tea and cake, or surprise them with a small home made gift. My theory probably works the best for this kind of “dry” bakeries that can last for a week without getting bad. The results would not probably look like this if I would’ve chosen to bake some creamier cake that stays good for only a couple of days.

For me it has worked out leaving out the unnatural stuff (yogurts, microwave food, lemonades, candy etc.), and trust in fresh homemade food with a lot of vegetables and less red meat. When you cook it completely yourself, you know what you’re putting in your body. This together with sports that you ENJOY doing is at least for me the key combination. Don’t forget your mind while taking care of your body.

The reason why I wanted to write this post, is because so many people, including me, are too hard on themselves regarding their bodies. Some try extreme diets that make them feel weak, some forget that food is not only a source of nutrition but as well something that can bring pleasure in life, some are working out at the gym being all frustrated cause they’d rather do anything else. Some compare themselves with other people’s bodies and see their body anything but beautiful.

People keep on giving themselves only negative feedback, when the positive one would be as important, and also plays a role for reaching goals and finding your strengths. So let’s be nice and fair to each and to ourselves, have a muffin 🙂




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