Another man’s trash is…

I’ve been trying to cut back buying anything unnecessary, but as I have all this endless time in my hands during my holiday, it’s hard not to hit the shops. I do enjoy an occasional second hand shop browsing andso yesterday I went to Øbscür (located at Fluxus mall in Stuttgart). With second-hand shopping you gotta have a bit of luck and patience, I’ve learnt. In Øbscür though I feel like I always manage to find something, as well today: a pair of Levi’s in mint condition! And what do you know… it fitted!

Second hand shopping and selling is a good way to lengthen the life of the clothes, support local businesses, save some money and to recycle. Not to mention the thrill of the search and the laughs, when you see some glittery, puffy 80’s sweaters! 😉 Problematic is to find good shops that hand pick what they sell. Luckily now also the consumer-to-consumer selling has been made easier through different apps, for example Zadaa-app in Finland or different Facebook groups, which I actively used during the past years in Copenhagen.

Perhaps there’s as well a risk hiding behind this second-hand-trend: if selling your clothes is so easy, could it also increase consumption? When you have the possibility to renew your wardrobe easily, maybe you also get bored with your clothes faster and let them go with lighter reasons. In the second hand shops there are already now an increasing number of barely used clothes that were not such a good quality to begin with.

All in all, I still think buying old rather than new could be considered ecological, and I will definitely try to do it more in the future. Besides, you can bring a friend and make a day out of it: try out some wacky stuff and have fun!

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