Travel easy – Pack smart

For few years now I have been looking for some useful packing tips, since the expat life started a whole new level of dragging stuff around Europe and of course I want it to be as convinient and light as possible. The internet is filled with different kinds of packing guides, most of them being […]

Valencia in pictures

This year’s summer holiday went by awfully fast, but I did get to enjoy Valencia and Helsinki for two whole weeks. Valencia was a very positive suprise – very easy, yet interesting destination for a traveller. You could find a lot of places with less tourists and even for seven days there are plenty of […]

On the top

On Easter we decided to do a little weekend getaway and head south to the north of Italy, the area of South-Tyrol, to enjoy the Alps and the quietness. A little getaway was definitely needed, since we both have been recently finishing up our studies and jammed with work. Besides, I get really tired sometimes with […]