Travel easy – Pack smart

For few years now I have been looking for some useful packing tips, since the expat life started a whole new level of dragging stuff around Europe and of course I want it to be as convinient and light as possible. The internet is filled with different kinds of packing guides, most of them being […]

Valencia in pictures

This year’s summer holiday went by awfully fast, but I did get to enjoy Valencia and Helsinki for two whole weeks. Valencia was a very positive suprise – very easy, yet interesting destination for a traveller. You could find a lot of places with less tourists and even for seven days there are plenty of […]

On the top

On Easter we decided to do a little weekend getaway and head south to the north of Italy, the area of South-Tyrol, to enjoy the Alps and the quietness. A little getaway was definitely needed, since we both have been recently finishing up our studies and jammed with work. Besides, I get really tired sometimes with […]

Adventure every day

Oh, how much time we spend on dreaming about going somewhere or doing something, and then think how far away those dreams are from reality, and blame the lack of time and money. Then you read from online blogs some encouraging words like “go and live your dream”, “what’s stopping you?” and “the life is […]