How was your week?

This weekend went by once again way too fast and I feel like I didn’t get enough rest. I am one of those people, who need their own time and can’t feel fully relaxed, if freetime is filled with program. This week was definitely full of action and I know I will be struggling on Monday. Mondays for me are very intensive days workwise as well as in freetime: in the evening I usually rush to my roller derby practise straight from work, get home around eight in the evening and head to Frankfurt for a work trip very early on Tuesday. I’ve been trying to make the best out of my Monday routines, but sometimes it seems like an impossible task if the weekend has been too hectic.

Eventhough the week has been busy, it was also filled with interesting and exciting things. Here’s some thoughts about my week:


  • One of the big downsides of living abroad is the distance to your family and friends. I was in Finland last time in November and planned on going there in May, and so I’ve been feeling a bit homesick. My mom all of a sudden informed me this week, that she will be doing a brief visit in Stuttgart next week. I think mothers have some kind of telepatic capabilities, since she texted me basically on the very same moment I was feeling very down. Can’t wait to have some quality time with mom and show her our new Stuttgart home!


  • We also booked flights for my friend to visit Stuttgart again. She was already here once and I visit her in Finland on a regular basis. With her I have a great, strong friendship, that has been able to hold together regardless the distance. Can’t wait for her visit in April!


  • On Saturday I went to the monthly Finnish meet-up in Stuttgart. Eventhough I find it important to get to know local people, it’s as well very nice from time to time to sit down and chat with other Finns. I’ve noticed, that the group of people defines the tone of the conversations and topics being discussed. My choice of words and jokes are very different, when I communicate with people from Finland, than for example with the Germans.


  • I decided to start going to an outdoor group workout once a week. I went to a tryout last week and it was really cool mix of circuit traning and cardio. In a small group of maybe ten people you kind of have to activitely participate the whole hour and therefore get way more out of the traning. I figured I will start doing it on Fridays right before my roller derby training, since they’re located quite close to each other. I find the location of the hobbies and the gym very important. Excited to see how my new training rhytm works out for me.


  • I think I created some sort of a tv-show addiction. Have you already watched “This is us”? I think I watched almost a full season in two weeks. Can totally recommend it, if you’re into big emotions. I’m usually up for some lighter entertainment, like Hawaii 5-0, but this show totally blew my mind.


  • A week ago we went to the Art and Design fair in Stuttgart, which turned out to be a dissapointment. Unfortunately the event was mostly about homemade jewellery, accessories and cosmetics – the 5€ entrance fee was definitely not worth it. This weekend we gave fairs another chance and went to the Green World Tour in Stuttgart. It was about ecological innovations, products and information on sustainability. It had a good mix of topics, such as green energy, household products and zero-waste. Will definitely go next time as well. I will write about the fair more detailled next week 🙂

I hope you also had an adventurous week!

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