9 SUP stories from 2018

As the “Top 9” theme is trending on Instagram, I figured I will look back to my past year as well. Instead of looking at the the amount of the likes (I anyway posted only 17 photos on Instagram in 2018 :D), I went through all the photos and took my mind back to those moments that actually made me happy. I realized that most of them were on my SUP-board, so therefore my top nine concentrates only on the SUP moments in 2018.

02.01.2018 – San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

I might look all calm and collected in this photo, but in reality I’m horrified. One of the most intense experiences of my life was to go surfing for the first time. The second place goes to doing SUP in the Pacific ocean. We had our own SUP-boards with us and decided to try them out after our surfing classes. The stream was so strong, that you had to paddle continuously with powerful strokes not to drift too far away from the shore. In this photo we were already so far off, that I started to get stressed out. It was a whole new experience to paddle in an ocean and in a way scary, but something I’d love to try out again.

29.04.2018 – Stuttgart city, Germany

The Neckar river floating through Stuttgart has’nt got exactly the cleanest water. That’s why I  said „no“, when my boyfriend asked if I wanted to go paddle there. So he went alone while I was jogging next to him on a dry land. What a fun afternoon! I have to say I’m happy he didn’t fall in there… In this photo you can see the yellow tram and some buildings next to the river. Crazy guy!

12.09.2018 – Birnau, Germany

We spent the whole summer of 2018 renovating our apartment. At the end of the summer we were  in a desperate need of a little getaway. As the weather seemed promising, we decided to go for two days to the lake of Constance to eat well, rest a bit and paddle. On the first day we were playing around: jumping to the water from our boards, doing headstands and simply enjoying being in the water again. The weather was still warm, but since the school holidays had ended, there were only a few people in the lake. My boyfriend took this photo of me, when I was just about to jump into the water.

13.09.2018 – Birnau, Germany

On the next day of our little holiday we got up at 6, had a little snack and headed to the lake. The sun was not up yet, and the lake was calmer than ever and the sky pink. It was a moment of complete relaxation. A perfect way to start the day!

18.11.2018 – Breitenauersee, Germany  

We are regular visitors of the little lake of Breitenauer. You can paddle around the whole lake in about half an hour. We usually go there when we don’t feel like driving far, and want to paddle more for the exercise rather than nice views. We usually go there and do few sporty rounds and then drive back home. It’s like going for a jog, but more fun 😉

26.12.2018 – Sipplingen at the lake of Constance, Germany

Our little trick to get out of the Christmas coma: 8km paddle in the crispy winter air. As you can see in the photo, the sun wasn’t fully shining, but was from time to time beautifully piercing the clouds. Nobody else was there in this huge lake of Constance – only us and the water.

Me with my happy face on, hands and toes completely frozen, but too eager to stop.

31.12.2018 – Schluchsee in Black Forest, Germany

The last SUP-trip of the year was filled with panoramic views at a lake in the Black Forest. I was freezing yet happy. We kind of lost the track of time and realized at four o’clock, that we should probably head to Stuttgart soon not to miss our table reservation for our New Year’s date. We didn’t eat the whole day and were starving the whole 1,5 hours drive home, but made it to the restaurant in time. At 11PM we were both so incredibly tired from our SUP-trip, that we decided to cut the New Year’s celebration short this year and head home. It was a great feeling to wake up next day not having hangover.

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