Book club November: a treat for the daydreamers, culinarists and the adventurers in all of us

This book I bought as a present to my boyfriend already a year ago, but not until recently I’ve really started to try out the recipes, and just letting my mind wander off while browsing through this visually appealing book, that takes me everytime closer to the waves and gives me a holiday mood without needing to travel anywhere.

“Travel, surf, cook”, 2016 (German Version: “Reisen, surfen, kochen”) by two german guys Johannes Riffelmacher and Thomas Kosikowski is a collection of recipes, surf spot tips and stories from their half a year trip through latin Amerika. Some of the recipes require a lot of shopping, since the ingredients might not be something you have stored up in your kitchen. After trying out the tropical pancakes, the mushroom tacos, lense soup and many other recipes from the book, I can say without lying that so far I haven’t tried any recipe from the book which I wouldn’t cook again. There’s also enough recipes for vegetarians, and delightfully many fish courses.

For whom: for those with travel fiever, for daydreamers, culinarists, backpackers, surfers – basically anyone with a bit of adventurous spirit

Best: The book is filled with beautiful photos and pictures, which transport you immediately across the oceans. I personally been only to Nicaragua and can at least say from that chapter of the book, that the local culture and athmosphere was very well captured.IFrame-kehys

Special: From every destination there’s a short film available in Vimeo, which you can access easily through the QR-Codes in the book.

We have got the book as an german version, but the english version is as well available, for example in Amazon.

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