Hygge at home

The Danish “Hygge” has been a trend already a longer period of time: as a way of thinking and as an inspiration for the home decoration. But what does “Hygge” mean then? For me it’s all about the warm athmosphere and general enjoying of life – also the smaller, simpler things, and surrounding yourself with some good people. So the idea of Hygge is not to fill your house with a bunch of Scandinavian deco-items, but to for example lit a couple of candles and have a glass of wine at home on a weeknight with your good friends.

I have created a Hygge-athmosphere at home with the following ingredients:

  • Cotton carpets! In Finland many people have cotton carpets around the house. One good reason for it: you don’t need any pressing shoes or socks; You can walk barefoot at home until it’s minus degrees outside, and then you can switch to some wollen socks from your grandma (the colorful the better)
  • In with the colors and out with the minimalistic! Scandinavian style and design is often seen minimalistic, but in reality the Danish homes are warm and inviting.
  • Display your life and make your home individual: frame some spontaneous travel photos and self-drawn pictures, hang your instrument or your favorite beautiful Islandic knit on the wall etc. etc. There are no rules!
  • Make sure you have enough cozy corners to execute some serious Hygge

Here’s a little sneak peek to our apartment for some inspiration:






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