Does my tea taste better out of a Moomin mug?

To generalize, Finnish people love design and drink their morning coffee or tee from a Moomin-cup. “Wait, what? You don’t know what a ‘Moomin’ is?” says the Finn und looks confused at you, when you answer no. Whatever you do, don’t do the mistake of saying they look like hippos!

Moomin is a fairytale character from the books of Tove Jansson. The first books are as early as from the 40’s, and the first animation series was aired in the end of the sixties – ever since it has been in the hearts of the kids and the grown-ups. Moomin was actually first planned as something for the grown-ups, but I guess with the animation films it gained popularity also with the younger audience. The cups are produced since the 90’s and are an everyday object of a Finnish household.

Moomins are honest and show, that also the difficult times are a part of the life. Perhaps that is one reason, why it remains as a favorite for such a long time, since it fits with the Finnish mentality so well; we Finns tend to mean what we say, and for example small talk is not really a big part of our culture.

The cups are as well really beautiful with the detailed pictures and colorfulness, and there is always a story behind the picture, which makes it even more interesting. The quality is as well extremely good, and I know people have had their Moomin-cups for almost two decades and there’s no fading in sight – no matter how many times you wash it in your dishwasher.

The most important thing though is, that they remind you of making every day special – also the boring, long office days. So the answer to the question, whether your morning tea tastes better out of one of those Moomin-cups, is no. It does though make the day a bit lighter to carry.


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