The good ol’ hazelnutcake and some quality time

This week did not turn out to be as good as I thought and planned, so I decided to treat myself with a guilt-free hazelnut cake for breakfast and some quality time with Finnish magazines and my favorite tea. The sun is shining and I was able recharge my batteries in order to fully enjoy the weekend. The Finnish magazines are kind of like my guilty pleasure, since it’s not exactly cheap to get them delivered abroad. I’ve been doing it for a while now since my visits to Finland are not that frequent anymore. Maybe some day I’ll find a German equivalent, but for now I will keep my little piece of Finland getting delivered to me once a month.

Another reminder of home is this hazelnut cake, that my mom used to make. It reminds me of how good simple things sometimes prove out to be: It has only few ingredients and it’s very easy make, yet everyone ever tasting it, loves it. I call it guilt-free cause I once even calculated its calories, and it turned out to be a lot lighter than some chocolaty treats. Another good part is, that it also stays good approximately for one whole week and doesn’t even dry out during that time. It’s not super sweet, so it’s nice as well as a breakfast treat. I think this occasional baking has really helped me getting out of the habit of buying chocolate, which I’m really happy about. I know, that baking sweet stuff is not exactly healthy either, but at least a bit healthier, plus I really don’t want to cut down all the good snacks 😉

The recipe is from a cookbook from the 70’s, so it might not be trendy, but surely is a classic! Give it a try and you’ll have a nice snack for the weekend and the beginning of next week.


Recipe below ↓


❥  3 eggs

❥  2dl sugar

❥  150g butter (melt)

❥  75g dark chocolate OR

❥  1/2dl of cocoa powder

❥  1dl hazelnut (fine chopped or powder)

❥  2,5dl flour

❥  1tsp baking powder

1. Whisp eggs and sugar into foam

2. Add butter and mix a bit more

3. Mix the dry ingredients with each other and carefully add to the dough

4. Pour dough into a ring shaped baking form

5. Bake in the oven for 30-35 minutes in 200°

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