Travel easy – Pack smart

For few years now I have been looking for some useful packing tips, since the expat life started a whole new level of dragging stuff around Europe and of course I want it to be as convinient and light as possible. The internet is filled with different kinds of packing guides, most of them being […]

Pay it forward: the power of networks

It was an uneventful Wednesday evening, and in a mordern way of killing time I browsed my Facebook feed, while sipping some Matcha tea. There is a Facebook group called “The Finns in Stuttgart” (orig. Stuttgartin Suomalaiset), where people occasionally write some, most often Finland-related, posts and they pop up in my news feed from […]

Falling for Paris

I sat in a train and watched the views changing and the small German villages passing by; I’ve always seen the tight-built villages as the main characteristics of a german landscape, whereas in Finland, my home country, you barely see a house every two kilometers, when driving through the countryside. I was listening to the announcements, […]